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Peter W. D. Bramble

Peter W. D. Bramble’s The Overcome: A Black Passover proposes a liturgy of black remembrance called “The Overcome,” which seeks to change the character of blacks worldwide by adding essential concepts about triumph, winning, and overcoming negative aspects of their lives or community, ultimately becoming a celebrated character trait.

Max James’ The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce: Life Lessons from the Entrepreneur Dubbed The King of Kiosks by Fortune Magazine is a captivating memoir showcasing real-world applications of the rules of entrepreneurship through Max’s own life stories.

Dr. Mark Athanasios C. Karras’ book What’s in a Life provides a penetrating and unique description of his own personal experiences as a young American in Greece during the Nazi and Fascist war and subsequent occupation.

America’s My American Terrorists is a captivating book chronicling the fascinating events of one woman’s life that will captivate readers to find love, happiness, and peace.

Dennis McCort’s Duncan is a gripping psychosexual thriller that weaves together the chilling odyssey of a pedophiliac serial killer with the heart-wrenching struggles of a family culminating in a suspenseful confrontation heightened by the enigmatic role of a beloved toy gorilla.

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