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“My goal is to challenge each person with this-What good is Bible teaching if it does not have the practicality of putting it into our lives.”
– Author, Elaine Bolin
With her original, folksy creative sayings, the author shares many years of Biblically-rooted wisdom in a way that is succinct and unique. Readers are sure to find comfort, encouragement, and practical life advice on each page.
These one-of-a-kind statements on how to handle the problems of daily life are reminiscent of Yogi Berra.
Grandma Elaine’s sayings include:
– I hope your good gets better.
– It takes the best in us to see the best in others.
– Yesterday’s tomorrow is today. Live now.
– Happy am I when happy are we.
– Bad Thoughts are like a brain without a Swiffer.
– I lost the way by way of my way.
– Why did I think what I thought when I could just not think at all.
And don’t forget to enjoy the chapter at the end called, Laugh with the Ancient Agers. It pokes a little fun at what happens as we age.

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