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The title of the book, A Father’s Quest , was decided on years before I started writing the book. I knew that I would be writing a book from what a medium had told me years before, but I never started it. Maybe I had to have a bad stroke to make it happen. I had prayed for years that my son would get married. Maybe I would have to have a stroke for this to happen too. God works in our lives in a strange way. For years I went to therapy, learning to walk and to work on moving my arm. I quit therapy in March 2018. I had nothing to do, and I became bored for the first time in my life. That was when I started writing. It would take me twenty-seven months to finish. Many of my friends told me to record the book and have someone type it for me, but I wanted to write the book completely by myself. I’m right-handed, and I can finally move my right hand but cannot really use it. I didn’t know how to type, but I typed it with one finger on my left hand on a computer. After our daughter Tammy died on January 5, 1997, it became impossible to sleep. During that time, I lived my whole life over again. I went on a six-year quest, trying to prove that Tammy was murdered and to get custody of my granddaughters, Tammy’s children. I would fail more than I would succeed. But I had become too stubborn to ever give up. After I had my stroke, many of my friends told me that this story was motivational to them. I hope you enjoy reading my book, A Father’s Quest .

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