A Girl With A Bad Reputation


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In “A Girl with a Bad Reputation,” we follow the story of fourteen-year-old Colleen Hanrahan. Despite her bad reputation, Colleen is a smart and proud young woman who navigates her relationships with boys on her own terms. She believes that as long as her father, a successful yet controlling criminal defense attorney, remains unaware of her promiscuous behavior, it doesn’t matter what others think of her.

Colleen finds solace in her mother, a family law attorney who shares a secret with her daughter. Together, they support each other, providing a defense against Colleen’s father and the judgment of others. Born and raised in Newburgh, NY, Colleen takes pride in her hometown’s historical significance. However, she becomes concerned about the racial tensions arising from the arrival of poor Black residents from the South, leading to “White flight” and the deterioration of downtown.

As Colleen witnesses the racism within her own community, she begins to identify with the Civil Rights Movement. Inspired by the fight for equality, she contemplates a future as a lawyer or even a politician, dedicated to advocating for the civil rights of all oppressed individuals. Set in the mid to late 1960s, Colleen’s story unfolds against the backdrop of a pivotal and turbulent time in American history. The events of the decade profoundly impact her, as she encounters significant people who shape her journey into young adulthood.

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