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It is 1843 when Sir Phillip Westley Sanduvale and his wife, Lady Elizabeth, set sail to America to take possession of twelve hundred acres in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, granted to them for serving the crown during the rebellion. Intent on creating a new life on a plantation in the Deep South, the Sanduvales purchase slaves and start a family without any idea of what lies ahead.

After Elizabeth tragically dies during childbirth, her son, Thomas, is raised by two slaves while his father runs the plantation. As his coming-of-age journey leads him into adulthood, Thomas’s path eventually crosses with that of Celine Gustersen, whom he quickly decides he is going to marry despite only having just met her. Celine is a feisty woman who lives and works at the local inn. After they both acknowledge that their attraction is undeniable, their love story begins and takes them to places they never imagined.

From a plantation in Louisiana to the streets of London, A Promise Fulfilled is an epic tale of love, loss, and betrayal as fate leads a young couple down a path where nothing is certain, except what they feel in their hearts.

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