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This is a non-fiction work of apologetics that explains how quantum physics shows evidence of intelligent design and does so in a simple way that anyone can understand. It is written for the average reader without a background in science or religion. This research contrasts quantum physics with the written word of the Christian Bible. Quantum physics, also called quantum mechanics, has developed many theories over the past century, some of which seem bizarre and almost unbelievable as scientists attempt to uncover the reality of our universe. Some say the findings of quantum physicists are inconsistent with the Bible, especially the somewhat controversial multiple worlds, parallel worlds or multiverse theories as it is often called, that seem to arise from human choice making decisions. This research shows that these quantum physics theories make our reality of life more understandable, not less, and they are not inconsistent with Biblical writings.

This book will be a good read for any reader who has an interest of learning in simple terms about quantum physics, and contrasting theories with the Christian Bible. Also, those who may be confused with the various religions in the world will find this book very informative. Those knowledgeable of quantum physics, likewise, will look at things from a different perspective after reviewing this piece of research work.

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