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Author: Ken Kiesel
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ISBN-10: 1662809220
ISBN-13: 978-1662809224
Pages: 142
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Cocoons in the Midst: An Unfolding Journey, a Choice is a novel that follows one man’s journey through life, from a wondrous exciting childhood, through a tumultuous adulthood and beyond, all through the lens of a stage play. It is a captivating and heartfelt story about Jimmy’s life journey and his lifelong butterfly companion, Henrietta. Throughout sixty years, Jimmy experiences an incredible range of highs and lows, from fulfilling relationships to unspeakable trauma, the power of presence and the paralysis of being stuck in the past. Ultimately, Jimmy’s journey is one of healing and hope that will resonate deeply with those who have been battered by life’s challenges and inspire readers to embark on a new path forward to live a richer life by being more fully present in this big, beautiful, crazy world we call planet Earth.

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