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Does God really exist? If he does, why does he let bad things happen to good people? Is the Bible fiction or nonfiction? After a twenty-five-year military career and eighteen years of running his own businesses, the author became concerned about what he observed happening to the American society and the direction that the country appears to be heading. Don’t Fly Today provides the author’s perspective while answering the above questions and concerns. The author does this by analyzing the path of his life and has compiled very compelling empirical evidence that his life had to have been guided by a higher power. The author then discusses the Bible prophecies as he addresses his concerns about the United States and its future. The author does this by analyzing what has changed during the time period when our government leaders were from the “greatest generation” to the present time when our leaders come from the baby boomers and the following generations. If you or if you have heard any of your friends or others ask any of the above questions or express similar concerns, then Don’t Fly Today is an extremely compelling story and a must-read.

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