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After Jesus ascended, He baptized us in the Holy Spirit, just as John the Baptist prophesied. Fiery tongues rested on the early church leaders, and they exercised power with authority just like Jesus. That is His ideal for us. Everyone who shares that ideal for their church wants it back. Sadly, many churches are restricting or even withdrawing their welcome for God’ s Spirit. The Church at large is preoccupied with legalism, institutionalism, and operational management. The priority on control stifles the Spirit’ s inflaming power. We have replaced our original reliance on Him with business models. Symptoms include our declining attendance and erosion of our social influence. Through you, God can restore His fiery influence. This essential book by Dr. Debbie Salinger will fire you up with the guiding passion you need to play your part. She argues eloquently that the Spirit is the only fuel for Christians and their churches— and reveals the part you can play in restoring that explosive fuel in your fellowship. She demonstrates how to admonish effectively, with both understanding and love, and you will be equipped wherever you are.

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