Margarita: The Case of The Numbers Kidnapper (2nd Edition)


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In Michele Wallace Campanelli’s “The Case of The Numbers Kidnapper,” high schooler Penny Margarita’s ambition to become her football team’s quarterback intertwines with a gripping mystery. Amidst pursuing her sports dream in Indialantic, Florida, a sinister kidnapper using a numerical obsession to select victims strikes her community. Penny’s journey of resilience transforms into a daring quest to protect her loved ones, aided by her brother Dante and friend Louis.

This tale blends the thrill of adolescence, the passion for sports, and the courage to confront darkness. Penny’s story is a vivid exploration of determination, familial bonds, and the relentless pursuit of justice and dreams. Campanelli crafts a narrative that captivates, challenges, and cheers for the protagonist’s valor both in life and on the field, making it a must-read that resonates far beyond its pages.

An enjoyable tale with characters worth rooting for.
– The Moving Words Review

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