Overcoming Five Stages of Grief with God


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“With intense self-reflection, unflinching honesty and courage, Melissa allows readers into her life as she explores her own experience with grief after losing her grandmother during the pandemic and dealing with a divorce. The grief, she narrates, struck her unexpectedly with feelings of despair and hopelessness engulfing her, and it is through therapy and faith in God that she managed to weather the storm. The text is divided into eight chapters which aptly build upon each other as they tackle the five stages of overcoming grief which include: depression, acceptance, and rebirth. The last chapter of the book provides a collection of scriptures compiled to help you through those thoughts and feelings that can often time overwhelm us.

Combining essential life examples from Biblical matriarchs and patriarchs such as Moses, Mary, Eve, Hannah, Peter, and many more, the author provides practical and pastoral advice to help Christians rest their pain and suffering in Christ’s hands and invite Him into each step of grief. Melissa has done a great service by providing a balm packed with precious nuggets for the grieving, those in need of counsel, and caretakers that are intended to go a long way.

Indeed, Overcoming Five Stages of Grief with God is a life-affirming guide which does not overstay its welcome. It is undeniably a warm companion for those who feel trapped in a forest of grief.” -Pacific Book Review

Grief will leave scars on our hearts.

It is a testament that you love deeply and live deeply and that you can heal and continue to live and love stronger than before.

This book is intended to be a tool to help anyone who is struggling with the painful situation of grief and the five stages one goes through as they process the loss. In examining the trials of our heroes of faith, we are able to use scripture to help the reader move beyond their grief and towards a joyful life. This self-help book will uniquely tie in God’s Word to the grieving process and help anyone who wants to heal from their loss and once again live a healthy, blessed life.

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