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In the year of 2674 Xamir, the era of adventurers, a great battle took place for the world’s fate. A group of adventurers stood at the base of a mountain as a devilish fiend threatens to take over their world. A goddess shows up and lends the adventurers her power to save the world. With the help of the goddess, the adventurers are victorious, but at a great cost. In the wake of the battle, these unsung heroes guide the world into the era of legendary heroes and magic.

The year is 1335 Eglarest after the legendary heroes’ era, and the adventurers gather in the kingdom of Evergreen. Five adventurers band together and accept a quest. Their travels bring them to a land where they soon realize they are trapped in a magical barrier. Danger lurks all around them every step of the way while trying to escape. Will the adventurers escape? Or will they perish in the attempt?

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