The Grasshopper & Mr. Frog


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The Grasshopper and Mr. Frog is the story about a frog’s and a grasshopper’s–who are usually not thought of as friends–adventure in the forest long ago. Mr. Frog lives in a beautiful pond that Mr. Grasshopper becomes trapped into. Mr. Frog, who is busy sunning himself on a lily pad, hears the grasshopper and reluctantly decides to help the grasshopper out of the pond. The grasshopper is very grateful and thanks Mr. Frog, but Mr. Frog is already back to his lily pad.

Later that afternoon, the grasshopper is busy in the grass, having his lunch, when he hears someone in trouble. Remembering his good fortune, he decides to investigate. Who does he find there but Mr. Frog, who had helped him and is now in trouble himself, not able to find his way back into the pond. The grasshopper climbs up a blade of grass, flies into the air, finds the direction of the pond, and returns to Mr. Frog, showing him where to go to get back to his pond. He tried to thank the grasshopper, but he was already back in the grass.

This is a story about being kind and having kindness returned to us.

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