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Author: Erik D.J. O’Brien
Price: 19.99
ISBN-10: 1643454439
ISBN-13: 978-1643454436
Pages: 542
Weight: 27.68 ounces
Length: 6
Width: 1.21
Height: 9

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This prequel to Kur’s Rage is part 3 of The Duaredheim Staff Saga and portrays the final adventures of the 11th Fleet and their last admiral. Stand with Aklon when he receives a fateful letter calling him off to war. Feel his sorrow as he says farewell and leads his armada on a desperate mission. Travel the Underearth with Vlad and Darik as they must journey in secret to the academy in order to thwart a deadly assassin. Do battle with Raythe, the mysterious butler, and Phu as they struggle against Rak Shasa, a demonic entity, and the diabolical Caretakers of the Abyss. Prepare yourself for what may be the longest fantasy naval battle ever written. This epic struggle introduces the terrible general Jing Jang Lo and the ruthless forces of the Dragonian Queen as she seeks to destroy Aklon and his ideals of freedom, and ends with the first chapter of part 4, The Ice Moon.

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Weight27.68 g
Dimensions6 × 1.21 × 9 in
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