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Are you an individual passionate about the political, socioeconomical, and cultural predicament of the African continent? Do you often worry about the mismanagement and abuse of African resources? If you’ve been looking for a book that will highlight how Africa can recover its natural resources and reclaim its power, then keep reading because you’ve found the perfect book!
Did you know that Africa has significant natural resource wealth? It is estimated that 40% of the world’s gold and 90% of its chromium and platinum can be found on the continent. Yet, the mainland still struggles to feed its own people, improve its economy, and find solutions to common social dilemmas.
Ugochukwu Nwaokoro, a former Deputy Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, USA, is the Founder and President-Emeritus of the African Diaspora for Good Governance (ADGG). He boasts qualifications in Information Systems Management, is a certified Microsoft Engineer, Quality Management Systems Auditor, Project Implementation Manager, and holds a BA in Political Science. Using his experience and expertise, he now brings you this comprehensive guide that will not only enlighten you on the predicaments faced by Africa due to colonialism, but also how the continent can end the resource curse once and for all. Are you ready to learn how?
Inside The Plunder of Africa, you’ll discover:
● A thorough introduction to the scramble for Africa, how the 1884 Berlin Conference crippled the continent, and the ways whiteness has been used as a tool for oppression.
● Six powerful tools that colonizers have used to oppress and divide African individuals.
● A variety of methods that can rewrite the history of Africans, challenge slavery, and help them reclaim their power and identities.
● A look into the resource curse and how Africa can overcome it. PLUS: How can agriculture and agroprocessing save our beloved continent?
● The role of the AU in the future of the African continent, how Western democracy has set it back, and what can be done to create a brighter future for everyone!
After reading this book, you’ll get a renewed sense of hope in the prospective future of your beloved continent. There is still time to rewrite the books of the prosperous motherland.

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