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We are entering a new revolutionary and controversial phase in the US medical industry! With the discoveries of DNA telomeres, telomerase activators, and stem cell therapy that will create significant alterations to conventional medical procedures, we are facing many drastic changes – completely unknown to the general public. Science has ushered in these and other changes, which most would agree as being coincidental with improvements and progress, along with optimism and hope for our medical world. For instance, this statement, “Type 2 diabetes can be one of the most easily prevented, controlled and reversible medical conditions,” would be considered completely irresponsible and untrue by some. Likewise, another example stating that one of the many causes of Alzheimer’s can be traced to several nutritional deficiencies would be denied by some. Continuing, there are some who say there is no need for nutritional supplements if you eat your daily requirements of fruits and vegetables. Explore the answers to these statements and other controversies as you read on.

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