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In the vast lands spanning from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean, shamans, spiritual leaders of indigenous peoples, held a unique power: Shamanism. Traditionally male, a rare few females, known as “Shamankas,” possessed qualities beyond mortal reach, chosen by spirits themselves.
Amid these tales of mysticism, another legend persisted—an immortal super Shaman/Shamanka who safeguarded the natural world across time.
In our story, this legendary figure is no myth. She was a young woman, plucked from her earthly life, embodying celestial perfection. However in the 21st century, her vow of celibacy faces an unexpected challenge—a young cowboy from Wyoming.
As the tale unfolds, the Shamanka’s commitment to her sacred duty strains against the pull of love, unraveling the timeless struggle between duty and desire.
Journey through a world where time bends, spirits beckon, and the fragile sanctity of nature teeters on the edge of change. Will the Shamanka’s devotion endure, or will love’s unexpected arrival rewrite the fabric of her existence? It’s a story of enchantment, temptation, and the enduring battle between purpose and passion.

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