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War, Nazis, Fascists, Occupation?There are many stories that can be told about this. Yet, although some are far more taxing than others, they are all part of one abject condition: human suffering.Whether loss of life, physical damage, suppression of freedom, destruction of property is involved, the ultimate count is negative. The pursuit of happiness is always in direct contradiction to human suffering. A description of events about negative conditions should never be seen as a form of passing entertainment. The value of this task should only be to serve as a paradigm of what life should not be.It is in this spirit that I took the initiative to relate my own experience as a young American in Greece during the Nazi and Fascist war and the subsequent occupation. The story is a penetrating and unique description of real life during that period in human history. I admit that for the longest time I was reluctant to hash over the doings of that period. Friends and acquaintances, however, convinced me that the story would be a positive contribution for many in the current environment. Stated in my writing is the feeling expressed that it was late in my life for me to be doing this. Nevertheless, the challenge was met, and also to my amazement, when I began the work, the memories that surfaced were very lively and precise. This, in effect helped me to write a more accurate and reliable account of the period—at least in what concerned the events of my life. It is not rare for clear recall to occur in one’s waning years. It is more so when it is about serious incidents that happened. War veterans can attest to this. Very often they are reluctant to speak, though their memories are quite present and vivid in their minds.The account I give is about various personal experiences I went through during that time. For a broader picture, however, I have included in the account family members, friends, and other personalities that as a whole give to the story more dimensions, realism, and truthfulness. In short, I am not the hero of the story, but only a part of a larger setting; where many others were important in terms of what they too endured.This introductory description must suffice, because the story itself will speak of the rest.It is my earnest hope that an advantage and a profit will accrue to my readers.

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